Past OSCE Stations to Help You Prepare Effectively for the Exam

Depending on the OSCE station, the best method for passing the exam with high marks can be quite different. The key in preparation is to practice until you have a robust framework to approach almost all stations that could come up in the OSCES. We believe our methods will help you pass the OSCE exam first-time and if not, there’s a money back guarantee that comes with our advanced framework course.

We have over 100 past OSCE stations in areas such as Psych, Paediatrics, Emergency, General Surgery, Internal Med and more. Practicing with previous OSCE stations is one of the most effective ways to become prepared for the actual examination day.

Previous Stations Taken by Medical Students Just Like You

DELTED SENTENCE. We have included useful tips from past students who achieved full marks in a station. This can be especially useful for tackling the stations you’re least comfortable with. Using a structured approach can help reduce the anxiety and stress when facing a discipline that you may not have encountered for a while.

OSCE Stations Are the Simplest Way to Practice Often

The OSCE exams are more systematic than most medical students expect. There are certain tasks and outcomes examiners are looking for to show you have safe practices. By following a successful framework and practicing using previous stations you can feel ready for any scenario. We also have advice from experts such as ALS simulation co-ordinators to enhance your understanding of ideal techniques to employ in the exam.

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The OSCE Frameworks are instructed by Dr Hugo Lau, a junior doctor in Western Australia with a passion for education. Based on techniques he used with colleagues while studying for his own OSCE exam, Dr Lau is keen to pass on his methods and help medical students do their best. Sign up today and kickstart your OSCE Exam preparation for free.