Successfully Pass Your Paediatric OSCE Stations with OSCE Frameworks

At OSCE Frameworks we have developed a structured approach to assist you in preparing for every medical discipline that may appear in your exam. Our paediatric station preparation covers all the important details, so you can feel calm and prepared throughout your examination. One of the unique features of a paediatric station is the involvement of the family. It’s very important to engage the parent in the situation, even though they are not directly the patient. Effective communication is one of the most important skills for common paediatric OSCEs as you are dealing with babies, youths and their parents.

Helping You Handle Common Paediatric OSCE Stations

As with all OSCE stations, time is very important. The stations are frequently short, and you must react quickly, especially in paediatric cases. It’s often useful to follow recommended guidelines for procedures such as paediatric ALS. With a combination of advice from other students and informative videos from experts such as simulation coordinators, the OSCE Frameworks courses offer multiple resources to help you achieve your best.

100+ OSCE Stations to Prepare You for Every Discipline

Our courses were developed by former students, for future students. In doing so we’ve had the opportunity to try our methods in our own OSCE exams and have succeeded using them. Our practice stations feature tips from students who achieved full marks in common stations and have extensive detail on what the examiner expected from the scenario. These details and advice can be very helpful in preparing for a station you’re least comfortable with, whether it’s internal medicine or psychology. The desired outcome is developing frameworks for showing your examiner that you have safe systems in place for clinical consultation.

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The first course on OSCE Frameworks is free and is an ideal introduction to the methods you’ll experience throughout our learning experience. The courses are led by Dr Hugo Lau in a series of informative videos that help you practice his structured 3-step approach to the OSCE exams. Based on techniques Dr Lau used when preparing for his own exams, the frameworks are tested for success. Sign up today and kickstart your OSCE Exam preparation.