Prepare for Your Internal Medicine OSCE Stations with Our Frameworks

Medical students are not expected to have the same level of knowledge as an experienced practitioner for their OSCE exams. The main thing assessors are looking for is that you are a safe doctor with safe systems in place. But how can you show this? Our courses include concise, informative videos led by Dr Hugo Lau which help you take a structured approach to passing the OSCEs. Video tutorials are split into three steps:

  1. Structured framework is established
  2. Suggested learning points
  3. Apply your knowledge to a practice station

Internal medicine is a broad category which could include common stations such as respiratory, cardiovascular or gastrointestinal presenting complaints. Interpreting scans and imaging is often a focus of these stations and our videos can help prepare you for topics such as chest x-rays.

Some Helpful Tips for Any OSCE Station Preparation

The OSCE stations are an opportunity to show your clinical knowledge in practice. While each discipline is slightly different, there are a few key things to remember. First, timing is important. The stations are short, but this doesn’t mean you should rush through them. Second, practice consistency. Our frameworks take you through some of the necessary tasks to complete a station effectively so that they become natural steps in your patient process. DELETED SENTENCE

Practice OSCE Stations for Every Discipline

Unsure how to successfully complete a Psych station? Or are you worried about preparing for Paediatrics advanced life support stations? With 100+ practice OSCE stations, our videos and tips cover some of the most common OSCE stations, from internal medicine to general surgery. Our courses also feature tips from past students who have achieved high marks in a station which is a unique way of bringing student perspectives to exam prep.

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Dr Hugo Lau is a junior doctor in Western Australia with a passion for education. Based on techniques he used with colleagues while studying for his own OSCE exam, Dr Lau has set up OSCE Frameworks to pass on his knowledge and help other medical students succeed. Sign up today and kickstart your OSCE Exam preparation.