[VIDEO] Thinking Like the Examiners

Supplementary Summary: Thinking Like the Examiners

There are two parts to this equation

  1. One is the examiner that actually examines you
  2. One are the examiners that set the cases for the examination

The examiners that actually set the examination

Who sets the questions?

  • University usually involves consultants/ senior registrars to write questions
  • Then it will go through a committee that puts these questions together
  • If you really want to do well – you should be using the resources and connections that you have to find out who is involved in writing questions
  • Once you know who will be involved – you can then look closer at the resources that they have prepared online
  • For example – for emergency, you could choose to study every single topic. However, there are selected topics covered in video format provided as video lectures it makes sense to cover these as priority
  • Also attend all the recap sessions – certain disciplines may provide you with a quick revision of topics in form of lecture.
  • Pick out those important topics and make sure you at least have a framework for the topics that they have covered

The other part of the equation is the examiner that actually examines you

Who are they?

  • Typically Registrars/ senior registrars / consultants

What are they looking for?

  • They are working day-to-day in the hospital
  • They have heaps of junior staff
  • They have seen how good efficient and SAFE junior staff can greatly help the management of the ward
  • They have also seen how UNSAFE and DANGEROUS junior staff can have the opposite effect on the ward and even harm patients
  • And of course they are on the lookout for safe junior staff that will be their colleague soon
  • And remember, they only have that 8 minutes in the room to get to know you and to decide whether they like you or not.
  • They have to decide whether they want to work with you in the future in those short minutes
  • Hence The Importance of the First Minute – which I have covered in another video. First impressions are so important
  • And having a systematic and safe framework at all times to demonstrate that you are worthy to be their future colleague
  • And despite what the marking guide says – which can vary greatly depending on what they think about you

For every practice station that you do, your reflection should include asking yourself: Have I demonstrated what they are looking for?

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